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State Park Activities

+ONGOING - State Park activities for the whole family


Point Sur Lightstation State Historic Park Tours
"Walking Tour into the Past" Volunteer led, three-hour walking tour on paved road. The walk is less than a mile but with a rise in elevation of 300'. Meet along the West Side of Highway 1, ¼ mile north of Pt. Sur Naval facility. Arrive early. Tour size limited.

Summer Hours:
(April through October)
Saturday & Wednesday 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM

Adult: $12.00
Ages 6-17: $5.00
Age 5 and under: free.
Whale Watching Tours
Moonlight Tours

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park has an active Guided Hikes, Junior Rangers, and Ranger Cubs programs through the summer months. Activities run from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Return next spring for the updated schedule.

+Sunday, April 26 ~ Big Sur International Marathon Information

No music scheduled for this weekend. This is Big Sur International Marathon weekend and we keep the tavern noise down so the runners can get a good night sleep before running in the world famous Big Sur International Marathon.

Big Sur International Marathon

2015 Big Sur International Marathon Big Sur Shuttle Schedule
Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Big Sur International Marathon has made arrangements to run a shuttle for runners staying in Big Sur to get to the race start of their event. There will be a shuttle that makes a continuous loop with stops at all facilities between the Big Sur River Inn to the north and Deetjen's Inn to the south. Runners should stand near Highway 1 where they will be visible to the drivers. They will then be taken to the Marathon start at the Multi-Use Agency/Ranger Station. Any runner participating in the 21-Miler, 10.6-Miler or a Relay leg needs to arrive at the marathon start no later than 5:45 a.m. From here they will board a northbound bus to take them to the start of their race.
View Map of Big Sur

The shuttle will be available to runners and walkers only...their bib number will identify them as runners to the bus drivers.

Any hotel guests or runners' friends and family members needing to head north or get to the finish in advance of your runner should leave at the following times: Prior to the race start, no later than 6 a.m., or with a CHP-led caravan leaving at 7:20 from the start line at the Multi-Agency Facility or 9:50 from Pt. Sur (approximate arrival to finish line at 10:33). We strongly suggest that you choose the prior to 6 a.m. departure so that you may enjoy the morning in Carmel or on the Monterey Peninsula while waiting for your runner.

For more information regarding restricted traffic flow, local traffic, etc., please download the 2015 Caravan Schedule.

Useful Information:
Big Sur International Marathon Course Map

For more information about the annual Big Sur International Marathon, please refer to the Big Sur International Marathon website.

+Friday, May 1 ~ The Earthtones

The Earthtones
10:00 PM ~ FREE

The Earthtones

Original Rock N' Roll band from San Luis Obispo, CA

+Saturday, May 2 ~ McCoy Tyler Band

McCoy Tyler Band
10:00 PM ~ FREE

McCoy Tyler Band

The McCoy Tyler Band is a progressive acoustic trio based in Santa Cruz, CA. Their music fuses elements of traditional folk, bluegrass, old-school country, blues, and more. Tyler's impactful songwriting and unique arrangements paired with the band's high-energy live set make them one of the most intriguing up and coming bands in the Bay Area and beyond.

McCoy Tyler Band
+Saturday, May 9 ~ 7 Come 11

7 Come 11
10:00 PM ~ FREE

7 come 11

7 Come 11 is a Hammond Organ driven outfit that brings grooves reminiscent of the work of legends such as the funky METERS and the JB's while plunging into inspired jams and raging homages to powerhouse rock acts of days past like Zeppelin, while incorporating a modern approach to the funk and jam scene of the the new millenium.  

With the the ferocious drumming of Beaumont Bradbury, the soaring guitar playing of Ryan Avellone, and  Gianni Staiano's mighty Hammond Organ, his Clavinet and his incredible footwork on the bass pedals, this group brings astonishing energy to the stage. 

Grab your friends and bring you dancin' shoes - see you on the road!

+Saturday, May 15-17 ~ HIPNIC VII

HIPNIC VII tickets are going on sale at high noon 4/21/15

To purchase 3 day camping event tickets and car passes, follow the eventbrite link.

To purchase 3 day room/cabin/ or tent cabin event pass with lodging call Fernwood Resort directly at 831-667-2422 at noon on 4/21/15



NEW PARKING LIMITATIONS! As usual, parking is limited for this event and we strongly encourage carpooling to the event. There is NO PARKING ALLOWED ON HIGHWAY 1. Please take this next few days, until the tickets go on sale 4/21, to work out your carpooling situation. All people coming to this event must be registered guests, there is no day use allowed and ALL cars for people coming to the event must have car passes and be parked in the campground or in established parking spaces in front of your accommodations. There are a limited number of car passes as well, so that means we all have to come together to make this work! If you are planning on coming to this event and you do not have a car pass, YOU MUST CARPOOL. There is NO overflow parking. The future of HIPNIC and outdoor music events at Fernwood Resort depend on your cooperation. Thank you.

+Saturday, May 23 ~ The Donnis Trio

The Donnis Trio
10:00 PM ~ FREE

The Donnis Trio

The Donnis Trio consists of Nate Donnis(songwriter/guitar/vocals), Phil Woodring (drums/bg vocals), and Denis Sluka (bass). Formed in late 2005, the trio met for the first time after Nate and Denis auditioned Phil on drums at Nate's apartment in Encinitas. In 2006, the band began playing shows in various San Diego venues which prompted them to investigate options for recording. The band settled on renting a desert house for a week and bringing out Phil's (somewhat mobile) studio.   They ended up rigging up the guest house as the live tracking room and the house for the mixing/monitoring. The place was very isolated and eerily quiet. It brought about some interesting moods and helped hone the feelings in Tip of the tongue and Pills and Coffee. Despite their intentions only a few tracks made it to the final album from these sessions and the rest were re-recorded in various bedrooms/closets.

+Saturday, May 30 ~ David Holodilof Band

David Holodilof Band
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Dave Holodolof

Dave Holodiloff is a musician and band leader exploring the acoustic frontiers of the mandolin on the stages of Northern California and beyond. Heralded as “the hardest working musician in Monterey” by the Monterey County Weekly, Dave has made a name for himself both as a performer at festivals and concert venues and as an acoustic event entertainment specialist. His dynamic musical repertoire includes Jazz Standards, Bluegrass Traditionals, Sultry Sambas, Celtic Classics, Gypsy Swing, Latin Rhythms, and much more.

+Saturday, June 6 ~ Marty O'Reilly Band

Marty O'Reilly Band
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Marty O'Reilly Band

This three-man orchestra seamlessly weaves trance based blues music, harkening back to John Lee Hooker and Howlin' Wolf, with a drunken minor swing comparable to some of Tom Waits' darker works. Marty O'Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra deliver an enthralling and passionate performance, which often leaves them out of breath and the stage littered with broken strings and bow hairs.

+Saturday, June 13 ~ Jerry Shanahan Jazz Band

Jerry Shanahan Jazz Band
10:00 PM ~ FREE

+Saturday, June 20 ~ Our Satori

Our Satori
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Our Satori

We are all about joyous encounters with peaceful people, and sharing our satori through music.

+Saturday, June 27 ~ The Evangenitals

The Evangenitals
10:00 PM ~ FREE

The Evangenitals

Imagine if Johnny Cash, Bob Marley and Joan of Arc were one woman. Now, imagine that woman gathering a band of eclectic musicians on a crusade to expand the bounds of Country music. The Evangenitals, founded by playwright/director Juli Crockett and opera, jazz & gospel singer Lisa Dee are an alt-country/Americana love revolution made flesh for your listening pleasure. On a quixotic crusade in the key of life hell-bent on breaking hearts open, they are a genre-bending, ever-creating force of nature. 

The Evangenitals boast one of the most eclectic resumes in the indie music world. As live performers, they’ve built a fiercely loyal following through a thousand shows at clubs, coffee houses and festivals throughout the world (including Scotland’s prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Their shows are notable for music that can be bawdy and rollicking in one moment, and, in the next, sufficiently mysterious and haunting to make the rowdiest of beer brawlers pause, turn toward the stage and listen.

+Saturday, July 4 ~ The Cosby Band

The Cosby Band
10:00 PM ~ FREE

+Saturday, July 11 ~ Julien Temple Band

Julien Temple Band
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Julien Temple Band

Julian Temple Band formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in February, 2004. They have independently recorded and released four albums; In Sea (2006), Quiet Earth (2009), Balance Escapes (2010) and Upsidedownbackwards (2012).

+Saturday, July 18 ~ The Post Street Rhythm Peddlers

The Post Street Rhythm Peddlers
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Post Street Rhythm Peddlers

1920's/30's New Orleans Prohibition Jazz, Psychedelic Barrelhouse, Dixieland, Old-Time.

From Santa Cruz, CA features an all-star cast from local projects such as Shady Groove, Mars Hotel, Samba Stilt Circus, Deep Ellum, Flor de Cana, Coffee Zomie Collective, Channel One, and many more.

+Saturday, July 25 ~ The Midnight Pine

The Midnight Pine
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Midnight Pine

The Midnight Pine is the soundtrack to a solitary desert drive beneath a crescent moon. Lead by the haunting voice of young siren Shelbi Bennett, the Pine presents a sparse, hypnotic, eerie and beautiful soundscape. The album wanders through ghost towns of morose psychedelia, brooding folk and triumphant pop. To keep the focus on the vocals there are no drums, just found objects, chains, saw blades, sheet metal, utensils and short wave radios are layered to keep a subtle pulse of percussion pushing the songs forward. The Midnight Pine is an exercise in serene nonchalance, moody atmospheres and songs that braid your heart strings into a rich tapestry. Live the band can conjure pin drop attention with it's gentle movements and with a quick shift in dynamic can be a sonic maelstrom. The voice of Shelbi Bennett is a force of nature, captivating, volatile, gorgeous and pummeling.