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State Park Activities

+ONGOING - State Park activities for the whole family

State Park Activities

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park sponsored activities run from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Park day use fees apply for nature walks and activities if you park inside of the State Park.

Junior Ranger and Ranger Cubs Program & Activities

Hey, Junior Rangers!
Who: Kids ages 7-12 only

When: Daily at 10:00 A.M.
Where: Meet staff at the Redwood Deck in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park adjacent to the Big Sur Lodge restaurant.
What: An hour of fun games and activities about the Big Sur environment.

Hey, Ranger Cubs!
Who: Kids ages 6 and under (with parents)

When: Daily at 11:30 A.M.
Where: Meet staff at the Redwood Deck in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park adjacent to the Big Sur Lodge restaurant.
What: A half-hour of story telling, games and activities.

Activities For The Whole Family

Wednesday, August 27
3:00 PM
Nature Walk "Journey of a Steelhead"

Meet Danielle at the Redwood Deck for a 45 minute easy walk alongside the river to talk about the endangered Steelhead Trout that make the Big Sur River their home.

Friday, August 29
2:00 PM
Nature Walk "Pfeiffer Photosynthesis"

Join Danielle on a walk to learn about how availability of light and moisture determine the varying plant communities in different parts of Big Sur. Wear sturdy shoes and meet at the Redwood Deck for this moderate, 1 1/4 mile hike up to Pfeiffer Falls.

Saturday, August 30
11:00 AM
Nature Walk:"Where the River Meets the Sea"

Meet Park Interpreter Sara for a one-mile walk out through Molera Headlands for a view of the ocean. Bring a jacket as it may be windy. We will end at the ocean so you can take your time walking back (45 minutes one-way). Meet in the Andrew Molera State Park parking lot.

1:00 PM
Nature Walk "Life on Liewald Flats"

Join Danielle on this hike to Liewald Flats to hear about the different creatures and plants that reside in Big Sur, and the adaptations that allow them to do so. Meet at the Buzzard's Roost Trailhead for a one mile one way walk along the river and up to the flats.

8:00 PM
Night Program "Starlight, Star Bright"

Sit back, relax, and gaze up at the stars. Hear legends and stories about the night sky, find constellations, and (weather permitting) get a closer look through our telescope. Bring blankets or chairs and a flashlight for this one-hour program. Park in day use lot #3 or #4 and meet Danielle on the softball field.

Sunday, August 31
2:00 PM
Nature Walk "Redwood Resilience"

Join Sarah in learning about the resilience of coast redwoods to wildfire and see the rejuvenation of the forest after December's Pfeiffer Fire. Meet at the Buzzard's Roost Trailhead.

3:00 PM
Nature Walk "Discovering Pfeiffer Falls"

Meet Park Interpreter Sara for a moderate hike up the Valley View trail to the base of Pfeiffer Falls. This is a 1 1/4 mile one-way walk to the waterfall. Bring water and wear sturdy shoes for this one and a half hour hike. Meet at the Redwood Deck in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.

7:30 PM
Nature Walk "Creatures of the Night"

Join Park Interpreter Sara for a peek into the night life of Big Sur. Discover how animals use their senses in the dark during this one hour program. Wear warm clothes and bring a flashlight (with a red mode if you have one) This is an easy 2/3 mile dog and stroller friendly walk. Meet at the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Day Use Lot #1.

Monday, September 1
3:00 PM
Nature Walk "Big Biodiversity"

Join Sarah in discovering the amazing microclimates and resulting animal and plant diversity that Big Sur has to offer. From the redwoods to the chaparral, we'll see it all. Meet at the Redwood Deck for this 45 minute one-way hike up the 1 and 1/4 mile Valley View trail.

Tuesday, September 2
7:30 PM
Walk "Ghosts of Big Sur"

Join Sarah for a 45 minute program including a short walk down to the river. Dress warmly and meet in Day Use Lot #1 to hear ghost stories from around the area.


Point Sur Lightstation State Historic Park Tours
"Walking Tour into the Past" Volunteer led, three-hour walking tour on paved road. The walk is less than a mile but with a rise in elevation of 300'. Meet along the West Side of Highway 1, ¼ mile north of Pt. Sur Naval facility. Arrive early. Tour size limited.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m.,
Sunday: 10:00 a.m., and Wednesday: 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m.
Admission Adult: $12.00; Ages 6-17: $5.00; Age 5 and under: free.

August 10 & 11, 7:15 PM
September 8 & 9, 6:30 PM
October 7 & 8, 5:45 PM

October 18, 25 & 31

Molera Ranch House Museum
Find out what it was like to live in Big Sur 100 years ago? Located at Andrew Molera State Park, the Ranch House is open for visitors Thursday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Ernst Ewoldsen Nature Center
Located near the Pfeiffer Falls/Valley View trailhead is open for visitors Friday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m.– 2:00 p.m. when a volunteer is available. Come discover what lives here!

California Condor Discovery Center
Come learn about the magnificent California condors and the reintroduction program run by the Ventana Wildlife Society. The center is open Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located at Andrew Molera State Park.
Ventana Wildlife Society

Thank you for visiting Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Please be patient as we work to re-open areas of the park after the Basin Complex Fire of 2008, Pfeiffer Fire of 2013 and winter mudflows. Oak Grove and Pfeiffer Falls trails remain closed due to damages. Please stay out of all closed areas.

Music in the Tavern

+Saturday, September 6 ~ The Midnight Pine + Stephen Ray

Midnight Pine and special guest Stephen Ray
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Dave Holodiloff

"I met Shelbi Bennett at the record store of my employ. I was ringing her up for dvds, I believe it was the Brother's Bloom and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the latter I had forgotten existed. I had just seen the first one and struck up a conversation about it, which as all conversations I have longer than 1 minute segued into music. She said she was a singer, in an instant of condescension that comes with being a record store clerk, I imagined her singing off key Dixie Chick's numbers in the car on the way to work, I responded that I was a song writer which to her ears meant I was a lecherous old man trying to hit on her. For whatever reason we braved our prejudice and got together and the second I heard her take on a song I wrote a ways back called Stolen Wind I was floored. I called Josh and said "hey man, I stumbled into someone real special". I was already in 3 bands and working full time, but when you hear a voice like shelbi's and you have a chance to be a part of some small miracle, you find time."
-Alfred Howard [Lyrics, percussion]


The Midnight Pine is the soundtrack to a solitary desert drive beneath a crescent moon. Lead by the haunting voice of young siren Shelbi Bennett, the Pine presents a sparse, hypnotic, eerie and beautiful soundscape. The album wanders through ghost towns of morose psychedelia, brooding folk and triumphant pop. To keep the focus on the vocals there are no drums, just found objects, chains, saw blades, sheet metal, utensils and short wave radios are layered to keep a subtle pulse of percussion pushing the songs forward. The Midnight Pine is an exercise in serene nonchalance, moody atmospheres and songs that braid your heart strings into a rich tapestry. Live the band can conjure pin drop attention with it's gentle movements and with a quick shift in dynamic can be a sonic maelstrom. The voice of Shelbi Bennett is a force of nature, captivating, volatile, gorgeous and pummeling.

+Saturday, September 13 ~ The Burning of Rome

The Burning of Rome
10:00 PM ~ FREE

The Burning of Rome

The Burning of Rome began modestly as Adam Traub's recording project in a laundry room in Oceanside, CA. It rapidly outgrew the four-track tape recorder on which it was born and demanded his complete devotion, as well as some talented extra musical hands, to bring it to life.

Enter the Romans: Oft barefoot axe wielder Joe Aguilar, whose specialties include scratchy guitar licks and spastic dancing. French bass man Keveen Baudouin, whose metronomic mind produces calculated bass lines with intelligence and fury. Slacker-era siren Aimee Jacobs who belts with operatic force while hammering on her glockenspiel and synthesizers. Zen guru Danny King, shredder behind the kit, who is, quite obviously, the terrestrial answer to the octopus. And Traub, manipulator of keyboard, guitar, light system—the proverbial kitchen sink through an amplifier—all while demonstrating a vocal gradation as yet undocumented elsewhere in nature.

Mix this all together and you have space rockers The Burning of Rome blasting their phonic waves at unsuspecting humanoids in Southern California for the past few years. The quintet has conjured a sonic palate replete with everything from death pop bliss, galactic rock, gypsy punk cabaret, to indie spaghetti western, and are now poised to harken the masses with the release of their forthcoming effort, Year of The Ox.

"We have assimilated," Traub says of the unit. "We share an unbridled passion to revere music as life rather than hobby."

+Friday, September 19 ~ Steep Ravine

Steep Ravine
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Steep Ravine

Steep Ravine is an acoustic quartet hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their unique sound, equal parts poetic lyricism and string-playing ingenuity, bends folk and bluegrass in compelling new directions while paying homage to the spirited Northern California landscape the band calls home. TRAMPIN’ ON, the quartet’s debut album of originals, is an ode to Steep Ravine’s musical prowess, blending melodic verse, tight harmonies, and rich instrumentals while showcasing the diverse musical backgrounds of the band mates, which also encompass classical, jazz, and funk. Guitarist and lead vocalist Simon Linsteadt and violinist Jan Purat began playing music together back in high school in 2007 and later moved on to study music at UC Santa Cruz, where they met mandolinist Andy O’Brien and bassist Alex Bice in 2012.

After funding TRAMPIN’ ON with a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the band headed to Tiny Telephone Studios, an analog recording studio in San Francisco that records onto 2-inch tape. With the Fall 2013 release of the album, Steep Ravine embarked on its first national tour, with shows in Los Angeles, Phoenix, New Orleans, St. Louis, Denver, Seattle, Portland, and many points in between. In addition to a packed schedule of shows around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, plus appearances at such music festivals as Outside Lands and the Northwest String Summit, the band has been featured live on KPIG, KPFA, KZSC, and NPR’s West Coast Live.

Here’s what others are saying about Steep Ravine:

“I love Steep Ravine! These guys can lay the hammer down on traditional bluegrass and then turn around and amaze you with innovative and tasteful new songs. They’re laying the foundation to be heavy hitters on the acoustic scene.”
— Bill Evans, internationally recognized banjo extraordinaire

“Steep Ravine's personal mix of acoustic string band styles, drawing from jazz and swing, folk and bluegrass, is as refreshing as the western breezes blowing off the Pacific.”
— Laurie Lewis, Grammy award-winning bluegrass and folk musician

+Saturday, September 20 ~ Conor Forsyth and Friends

Conor Forsyth and Friends
10:00 PM ~ FREE

The Burning of Rome

+Saturday, October 4 ~ Brown Shoe

Brown Shoe
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Brown Shoe

Brown Shoe is for sure one of the top ten nicest group of bastards you’ll ever meet. Not literally, because they all have a dad—the same one, in fact. Going on ten years as a band, Ryan (vocals & guitar), Aaron (guitar), Bryson (bass) and Landon (drums) have four records, too many whiskey drinks and a half-dozen nationwide tours between them. They grew up in Folsom, California, a stone’s throw from the prison. They currently live in Los Angeles. Sometimes, they come this close to gouging each other’s eyes out in the name of music.

Brown Shoe’s fifth release, Lonely Beast, is a full-length album broken up into three EP’s, the second of which will be released on August 19, 2014. The idea behind breaking it up into three parts is a convoluted one; you could chalk it up to the changing landscape of digital media (or whatever), or to the shrinking attention span of the general public. You could call it a “think piece,” says Bryson, “(just kidding.)” But really, when the idea presented itself, the final point was this: Why not?

The band has always been pulled in two directions: simple and smart, and loud and big. Three EP’s means three concentrated sessions of recording and producing, rather than one long, protracted one. It means circumventing the pressure to release ten or twelve songs all at once simply because that’s the format an album was supposed to adhere to not that long ago. The band will write these new songs because that’s what’s exciting to them. It’s a way for them to be excited pretty much all the goddamn time, and to make music for people that feel the same.

+Friday, October 10 ~ TBA

10:00 PM ~ FREE

+Saturday, October 11~ TBA

10:00 PM ~ FREE

+Saturday, October 18 ~ Evil Twin

Evil Twin
10:00 PM ~ FREE

+Saturday, November 1 ~ TBA

10:00 PM ~ FREE

+Saturday, November 8 ~ Billy Martini

Billy Martini
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Billy Martini Show

+Saturday, November 15 ~ Scary Little Friends

Scary Little Friends
10:00 PM ~ FREE

Scary Little Friends

Scary Little Friends is the Folk-Rock brainchild of Chris Jones with Charlie Knote on drums, Jon Payne on bass, and Patrick Blizinski on keys. Chris built his own studio in the Mission district to record their debut album, “From the Beginning”, which features lilting vocals (ala Jeff Buckley) and surfs-up psychedelic guitar; a trademark of the “San Francisco Sound”. Based in both Santa Cruz and SF with underlying southern soul roots, strong songwriting is really the bread and butter of this band. Scary Little Friend’s live shows combine an understated professionalism with raw talent. They connect with their audience the old-fashioned way by offering authentic heartfelt performances that fulfill our desire to connect. No gimmicks, no tricks. Just great songs about what you were thinking but couldn’t say.

Since forming in early 2013, the band has quickly risen up in the local Bay Area music scene, performing with Folkyeah! and Loving Cup Presents, playing major Santa Cruz and SF shows at Rio Theatre, Don Quixote’s, Moe’s Alley, Brick & Mortar, Boom Boom Room, and Bottom of the Hill. The band has shared the stage with a variety national touring acts, such as: Boy & Bear, Chuck Prophet, Caravan Palace, Stone Foxes, Baptist Generals, Streets of Laredo, Jimbo Mathus, Debauche, Wildlife (Canada), Jail Weddings, Coffis Brothers, as well as Terrapin Crossroads staples Midnight North and Go By Ocean. They even shared the bill with Norah Jones for her surprise visit to Santa Cruz’s Crepe Place!
Scary Little Friends is thoughtful and emotional rock/pop songwriting that we want you to hear. Awesome vocals and
+November 22 ~ Marc and the Casuals

Marc and the Casuals
10:00 PM ~ FREE